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5star Game Copy 1.05

GameCopy 1.05.118 is a program to copy game CDs and DVDs
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GameCopy is an easy-to-use program with intuitive interface to copy game CDs and DVDs. The authors sell this program saying that it is intended to make backup copies of your legally bought games. GameCopy is able to copy all kinds of CDs or DVDs, even those that are copy-protected with VOB Protect CD, Starforce 1 or 2, SafeDisc and Securecom methods. Using this program you will even be able to copy PS2 games. GameCopy allows you to create image files of a CD or DVD in your hard disk. You will be able later to create your backup discs from those images. The image file format (XMD) is proprietary to GameCopy. Nevertheless, the program is able to burn discs from other image formats. This program also has a Copy Protection Detect feature, that will allow you to know if a given game is copy protected and, in most cases, will be able to override that protection, allowing you to make copies of the game. GameCopy can burn games to rewritable discs, and it has a feature that allows you to erase rewritable discs.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It effectively overrides most copy protection methods


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